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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Road Trip!

Today I installed the front In-Wall home theater speakers.  They look about like the ones in the photo, and they don't blend into the wall very well at all.  However they do look nice, and I managed to get them placed correctly (level and centered) on the wall without hitting a stud.

I really wanted to mow the yard, but the weather was not cooperating.  It hailed, rained, blew and got sunny - but the grass was really wet, so I didn't bother.  Perhaps tomorrow.

Monday was my only day off between days and nights, and I had a mission in mind.  I had found a really cool old "monitor top" refrigerator for sale on Craigslist, in Kettle Falls, WA.  So we made the two hour trip over and picked it up.  It was an enjoyable family trip, and we got to check out some of the surrounding area of where we now live.  But the cool thing is the treasure I brought home!

It works and looks awesomely retro!  The tag on it says "General Electric Refrigerating Machine".
I guess "refrigerator" wasn't a word back then.

It works and freezes water in the freezer section.  The electrical cord is frayed and needs to be replaced.  I may or may not restore it to new.  It wouldn't take much to sand it down, repaint it with enamel and get the handful of metal parts re-chromed.  Either way it's pretty cool!

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