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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

2600 miles on the bike, and...

This is what's left of my rear tire. It looked a bit worn when I got the bike with 1150 miles on it. It's already done for. I have a replacement on order, and I'll get the oil changed then as well. I hope the reason the tire wore out so quickly was because the previous owner did a long burn-out on it. I hate the idea of spending $160 on a new tire every 2500 miles or so.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

About friggin time!

I lifted weights for the second time in a week after work yesterday. The first time it was chest, back and abs. Yesterday it was leg day. I'm not too sore, as I went very light and did only two sets... Still, my ass, calves, lower back and quads are a bit painful.

It really feels good (emotionally if not physically) to get going on that again. It's been about 3 months now since I was hitting it consistently and my pants are a bit tight :(

It rained Friday and Friday night, so both Friday and today we didn't ride the motorbikes to work. I'm not a sissy about riding in foul weather, but why get soaked and cold when you can drive in comfort? Besides, we hit the first Tule fog this morning. Nasty stuff. There are no wipers on my helmet visor...

Thursday on the way home I really let the bike go. After turning onto a straight stretch of road at about 20 MPH, I opened it up and held it wide open... except at about 70 MPH the wheel was still going up instead of setting back down - so I up-shifted and let it come back down. It damn near wheelied in second gear at 80-90 MPH. Spooky.