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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving

I realize that many, if not most visitors to this blog are from outside the US.  I'm pretty happy about that, because it means that the topics I post about appeal to a wide range of people.  Welcome here, everyone :)

Today is a uniquely US holiday, Thanksgiving.  I don't pay particular homage to this holiday, nor to its traditions.  I frequently have to work on Thanksgiving, and worked this one as well.  Our family will pretend that tomorrow is Thanksgiving instead.

Below is the famous Norman Rockwell painting of a family having a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.   The name of the painting is "Freedom From Want", and sadly that's not how a lot of families in the world today live.  This is also NOT how our family serves a Thanksgiving dinner.

There are only three in our family, so the traditions that we follow are watching the Macy's Parade and eating a pretty big afternoon meal.  I am crazy about the stuffing, and it's the only chance I get to have any.   Sometimes we watch (US) football.  More often we retreat alone to carry on with our individual interests.  There is nothing wrong with that either, although it's not quite as much family bonding as what you interpret from the picture :)

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Still here!

This is not a dead blog!  Just busy with mundane stuff and having a bit of writer's block :)  Hang tight!