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Wednesday, September 30, 2015


I'm sure everyone is curious what I look like.

KH500 Refurbishment - fixing and replacing odds and ends

I worked on a couple of items on the bike this past day off.  It's not like I had a ton of time to tinker, but I did what I could.

Friday, September 25, 2015

KH500 Refurbishment - Christmas came early

I placed a rather large order with Diablo Cycle a few days ago.  The first package arrived yesterday, and it was better than Christmas.  For a change, I got what I really wanted ;)

KH500 Refurbishment: Engine (part 3)

I decided to check out the spare set of cylinders I have on hand, to see what condition they are in.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Saturday, September 19, 2015

KH500 Refurbishment: Engine (part 1)

This is Part 1 of the KH500 engine story.  I can already tell this will need to be split into multiple posts, due to the damage I found this past week :(

Monday, September 07, 2015

KH500 Refurbishment - Clutch Cover, Oil Pump

I bought the KH from a guy who had crashed it and was afraid of it.  He told me that the clutch cover had gotten a hole in it during the crash, and that a friend of his had welded it to repair the hole.  It looks a little funny.

Weekend off - Daughter stuff

My daughter has recently become interested in shooting trap or skeet.  We scheduled a session at the local gun club for her first lesson.  We got past the safety part and then moved on to holding a gun in the proper stance, and that's when we ran into a problem.  She didn't have the strength or body mass to hold the 20 ga. shotgun without leaning quite a ways backward, which is not the proper stance.

Proper stance is supposed to be more forward-leaning like this...

But her stance was backward-leaning like this...

Which on a small gal will probably lead to fatigue, if not being knocked over by the recoil.  Anyway her muscles were giving out just trying to get the stance right, so we stopped and tried to figure out plan B.

Plan B is building muscle.  She has been working arms, shoulders and chest for strength.  We also investigated getting a 410 ga. shotgun for her.  Pointer makes a pretty nice little shotgun, which she found much easier to hold in position.  I don't know anything about the gun quality, but it looks nice.  I am certainly not an expert on these things...

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

One day off: Refinishing the Cribbage Board

I have been on the DuPont schedule for the past few years.  I've never gotten used to it - probably never will.  There's a point on DuPont where you work three 12 hour day shifts, get a single day off, then work three more 12 hour night shifts.  The one day off doesn't give you much rest, but I did manage to get a small project finished, and that was the cribbage board.

KH500 Refurbishment - Electrical

Long ago, when I was still a teenager, I wanted the KH500 to look like a racebike.  I bought a headlamp-mounted fairing and installed it.  It looked about like the one below, only white and with a clear windscreen.  I never had the money to get it painted to match the copper color of the bike.

Deep Dream Generator

Google has an interesting service called the Deep Dream Generator (linked).  To use it, you upload an image from your computer, and it transforms the image.  What you end up with is a creepy impressionist-style image, filled with weird eyeballs and faces.  I find it amusing.  Below are a couple of examples, followed by their Deep Dream transformations.  Fascinating!

Below, the Horse Head Nebula in Orion (aka Barnard 33)

Deep Dream

Below, a widely circulated internet meme:

Deep Dream:

Waterfall image:

Deep Dream:

Try it out, you might get something really cool out of it!