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Friday, September 25, 2015

KH500 Refurbishment - Christmas came early

I placed a rather large order with Diablo Cycle a few days ago.  The first package arrived yesterday, and it was better than Christmas.  For a change, I got what I really wanted ;)

Check out the loot!!!!

Below Center, a Lithium FerroPhosphate battery to replace the clunky and heavy lead-acid battery at left.  I like how they provide several layers of foam panels so that you can custom fit the smaller new-technology battery into the large battery compartment.  The new battery doesn't weigh much more than the pliers.

I had a little time to begin swapping out a couple of the smaller items.

Gas tank filler gasket:

Spark Plug holder.  You need a set of spares for these oil-burners :)

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