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Monday, March 23, 2015

How military submarines find their way around

It occurred to me that a person finding this blog after a text search might have noticed that a fair number of the posts are about submarines.  Random readers may not be familiar with military subs, and they might wonder how subs move around the ocean without banging into stuff, or how they know which way they are going, etc, etc.  Sometimes submarines *DO* bang into stuff, but that's the exception, not a normal daily event.

So in that spirit, I thought I would share what little I know about underwater navigation.  Confession time:  I worked in propulsion, not navigation, so I will have to find this information before I can post it.  I have a general idea, but I will use the internet for more clarity before exposing my ignorance!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

USS Barb SSN 596

I haven't been blogging this week because I decided to do something different online, and that is to make a website dedicated to the ship that I served on.  A shipmate who was running a website for the ship has passed away, and I am trying to carry on his work.  Big shoes to fill...

I will get back to blogging shortly...