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Sunday, July 01, 2012

2.5 Days

After I come off night shift, I get 2.5 days off.  This also was busy!  After sleeping for the first half of the day afer getting off work at 6:00 AM, I woke up to take Grace for her first visit to an orthodontist.  The orthodontist recommended two-stage orthodontic correction. The first phase is a starts with two baby teeth extractions, followed by a 12 month palate-widening process to make room for the crowding that will be created by the emergence of much larger adult teeth. She already has crowding issues, and more adult teeth are not going to help.  Fortunately my dental insurance covered the first $1500 of that, so we just paid the remainder of Phase 1.

Afterwards we went to a movie that Grace wanted to see. We watched "Brave", which was cute. The next day Corie and I shoved stones up against the new curb, and cleaned up the soil and rocks that were dug up when we had the curb poured.

Before we went to work on it, the stones were all rolled out into the driveway and there was a long pile of dirt in front of the curb.  We spent a lot of effort removing the soil and "ankle twisters", as I call the 2-3 inch rocks, moving large stones to hide the curb, and replacing gravel.  A big job for a couple of old people!

However, now the raw edge of the curb is hidden, the gravel and the grass are separated, and I don't have to weed whack the grass from between each rock.  I just run it along the inside of the curb.  Looks pretty clean, I think.

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