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Sunday, July 01, 2012

Home Theater

The upstairs area (above the garage) was set up for home theater by the previous owner.  The room is pre-wired for surround speakers, and not seeing any need to re-invent the wheel, we put our own TV and DVD player there. 

I have a surround receiver/amplifier, but haven't had it hooked up for ages because we've been renting.  My old speakers didn't attach to the brackets the previous owner left behind, and my speakers are now so old that I probably can't find brackets to fit them.  To solve this dilemma with a minimal time investment on my part, I pulled off the old brackets and bought new speakers and brackets.  The old brackets were black, and with the new light paint, I figured that perhaps white speakers were in order.  I also purchased new In-Wall speakers for the front pair, in order to keep the room as uncluttered as possible.

The box from Amazon is at the house, waiting for me to get a day off that isn't otherwise scheduled.  Here is what is inside:  Rear speakers with mounting hardware, plus front In-wall speakers.

For the front speakers, I hope the finished installation will look something like this, with the speaker grilles more or less blending in with the wall.  If they look obnoxious in white, well, they are also paintable.  And I have plenty of that around the house after painting the entire thing!

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