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Friday, July 20, 2012

Seven off

Sooo... the DuPont schedule puts you through hell for 3 weeks and then compensates you with 7 days off in a row.  Not the ideal schedule, but there is a bright side to it.

So here (in pictures) is what I accomplished on this 7 off:

Furniture purchase and placement.  And placement.  First she wanted it upstairs.... then she wanted it downstairs...
Currently the furniture is on the main floor.  It looks very nice.

But we also were under a deadline.  We had ordered carpet for the basement, and had to have everything clear of where carpet was to be installed.  When we moved in, the two basement bedrooms had strange carpet that didn't match the rest of the house and had stains etc.

Below:  The basement front bedroom before painting and carpet.

Below:  The basement front bedroom as it is right now, with new, non-green paint and high-quality carpet.  Note:  I used the blackberry camera for the second photo, without allowing the CF lights a chance to warm up...  It really is a much whiter color than the photo shows.

Below: The basement back bedroom before painting and carpet.  I had rolled on some paint to see which was preferable for a basement.  The above two photos are intended to show the carpet in the basement. FYI we chose the color on the right.

Below:  The same bedroom with the color on the right and new carpet.   Again the blackberry camera takes with cold CF lighting took a yellower photo.

This 7 off I also had asked a painter to get all our doors and paint them the same as the walls.  We hauled them to the shop and he masked off the shop for the project.  This pictue reminds me of the movie Monsters, Inc.

Here is a picture of one of the large basement rooms after paint and carpet.

Same room, opposite direction.

And after having the carpet finally replaced, we were able to begin unpacking!!!  The big room in the basement will be for Grace to goof off.  The other large (unfinished) room will be for lifting iron.

Here is a picture of the TV room, with the front speaker installation showing.  They don't exactly blend in with the wall, do they?  But I suppose they look better than stand-alone speakers.

I also added rear speakers.  The previous owner just left us with wires dangling through holes in the ceiling.  I wanted a cleaner look, but it's been a back-burner project...

Below is a photo of "Grace's basement hide-out" before we got started.  Bare concrete floor, no texture or paint, and a bare incandescent light.

Currently: Baseboards, textured walls, fuscia paint, carpet, fancy light fixture, and a bean-bag chair!  All under the basement stairs!

It's been a very busy week, but I finally had a tiny amount of time to begin straightening out the shop.  I was at least able to begin hanging a lot of long-handled crap :).  Really looking forward to having a shop heater and safety rails on the mezzanine.

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