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Sunday, July 01, 2012

Brew Day

On my 2.5 days off, after humping rocks all day, I managed to make up a couple of brews.  Earlier in the week, the UPS guy had dropped off some wonderful things.  Food-grade stainless steel pepsi syrup kegs for storing my brew!

So, I made a batch of Sarsaparilla for Grace.
And afterwards I brewed and began fermenting a clone of Deschutes Twilight Summer Ale
So here we are with the extract and hops lned up against the rocks.  Far left is the fermenter.  The plastic pail to the right holds sanitizing solution, a mixing spoon, and a wort chiller.  The shiny bucket in the middle is a brew kettle on top of a burner, and that's just a propane tank to the right.  Oh yeah, and an Alaskan Summer Kolsch front and center :)
Note to self:  During the winter months, build a brew stand on rollers! 
 The Kolsch beer at the bottom will be my next brew:
Cheers everyone!

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