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Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day

First of all, I want to express thanks to the men and women serving our country right now. In particular I want to thank those who are risking their lives daily in Iraq and Afganistan. I make no political statement about these actions, but simply express my gratitude to those serving, and urge them to be careful. It is my hope that they each return home safely to their loved ones.

It's common on Memorial Day to reflect on the servicemen who've given their lives in combat. As an ex-submariner I will be remembering those who died in the dark, cold water in the depths of the ocean. As we say in the silent service, they are on eternal patrol.

Countless men lost their lives in submarines in WWII, from all countries that fielded submarines in the theater of war. We must remember them of course.

But there were cold war losses too, which makes the loss of life more poignant. I want to particularly remember these men, whose lives were offered and taken - not in anger, but in horrific way during peacetime. These men's lives ended when they were forced to endure the worst end that a submarine can bring about. Let us not forget them.

The crew of the Thresher:

The crew of the Scorpion:

I also want to acknowledge my fellow submariners who lost their lives on the Kursk:

And finally, the crew of Kosomolets:

Rest in peace, brothers.

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