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Friday, May 26, 2006

Vanity Shot!

I've really gotten very fond of this bike. I had some initial ups and downs with it when I first bought it last year, mainly with fuel delivery and electrical connections. The previous owner was an optometrist (a very nice fellow!) but wasn't mechanically inclined. Now that the reliability issues have been resolved, it's been a very pleasant machine to own.

But there's another bike that's been preying on my mind. This one: The Suzuki GSX-R1000.

I was a passenger on a 2003 model - the owner understandably wouldn't let me take it for a spin on my own. That brief ride was a shattering experience. I've never experienced such powerful and prolonged acceleration in my life. It was still pulling like a freight train when he backed off at 150-ish mph. I'm fairly confident that driving it would be far less terrifying than being a passenger perched on the little pad on the back.

It was a huge adrenaline rush, that's for certain. I'm not sure that a little burst of adrenaline is worth ten grand though. I guess I'll stick with the little workhorse commuter bike for now. Someday though... It's amazing when you think about it for a moment: That ten grand will buy a racing machine that will blow the doors off a high-end Porsche or Ferarri.

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