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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Shop Improvement #4: Moving the stereo receiver

Compared to the previous three shop improvements, this one is pretty minor :)

I recently purchased an old Pioneer stereo receiver and speakers off Craigslist.  I was in a hurry to put them to use, and so I moved some stuff and ran a few wires quickly, so that I could get it working.  Recently though, I got a little annoyed with having to reach so far for the volume knob, and the speaker wires and audio cables looked really tacky.

Below:  The original stereo installation, just above the chop saw on the bench (sorry no close-up of the sloppy wiring).

I recently built a little shelf out of particle board for the receiver, pulled the speaker wires through the cabinet above, and tucked the power cords underneath.  Afterwards I decided to build a little phone stand for the Droid, with a cut-out for the power cord (bottom).  The blue connector is the audio line over to the amplifier.

The phone stand makes it easier to grab the phone when a call comes in, or when I want to switch songs.  (The ear buds are for when I have to mow the lawn :)

I need to bring the phone stand forward a little bit, because it sits inside the shelf slightly too far.   The power button is on the side, and I cannot get to it without moving the phone.  Also the support ledge needs to be extended.  My new phone is in an Otter Box, which makes it fatter and more likely to slide off the lip.

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