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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Shop Improvement #3: Installing Safety Rails

The previous owner built a mezzanine into the shop, with some stairs leading up to it.  I've stored quite a bit of stuff up there, but it's always been hazardous, because there was no stair rail, nor a safety rail for the mezzanine area.  A fall to the concrete below would not be much fun.

I have had the RV parked in the shop due to a roof leak, but here are pictures of the mezzanine on either side of the RV before I got to work.  Definitely a fall hazard...  Click any pic to enlarge.

The left room is the bathroom, and the right room is storage for my home brewing stuff.

I decided that since I was going to be doing a bunch of wood work, it would be cool to stain it a nice redwood color.  The color I used is Minwax "Gunstock".  Notice the fresh "Gunstock" colored stain in the concrete?  I wonder what would remove that...

I was really hoping not to have to remove the RV to complete this project, but it was not to be.  I had to move a bunch of stuff from in front of the trailer, put air in the tires, clean the dirt out of the 5th wheel hitch sliders in the truck, hump the hitch into the truck, slide and lock the hitch in place, then pull the RV out.  Just so I could start the job.  Heh.

In the beginning, there was lumber...  (The treated 4x4s are for a different outdoor project).  Eight foot truck beds rule!!!

Here are the stairs with notched uprights installed.  I have not yet cut off the tops to the correct angle.

No pictures of me notching the uprights (both hands were too busy to hold a camera), but here's how it's done:

Below, I have all the uprights installed and am partway done installing the handrail, midrail and toe rail across the mezzanine.   I started the tear-down on my old Kawasaki Triple between shop projects.  It needs a ton of new rubber parts.

Done!  The rails are rock-solid, sanded smooth and stained for that nice Remington 1100 look :)

For perspective, below is a picture of the shop when I first moved into this house.

I haven't quite figured out what to do above the bathroom/storage room part, because the handrail would end in the middle of a window.  However I don't go there much, so it's less of an issue for now.

p.s.  The shop still reeks of wood stain.

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