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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Shop Improvement #2: Turning the water back on

The shop has a small bathroom, which I've never been able to use.  The reason I wasn't able to use the bathroom fixtures is because for as long as I've lived here, the shop hasn't had heat.  With the lack of climate control, it would be unwise to turn on the water.  In the winter months it would certainly freeze, bursting a pipe and causing water and plumbing damage.

With the recent addition of a heating system though, I have now been able to turn on the water - sort of.

There were problems with the fixtures.  The deep sink was cracked completely through where the support rails were located... I'm not sure how or why a sink might do that.  I've never used it.

The toilet was disgusting, and everything inside the tank needed to be replaced.


Lastly the light fixture was pretty dim for such a large room, so I needed a fixture with more bulbs.

Below:  Home depot sells this little gem for $99.  They call it a "Freestanding Laundry Tub Kit".  I screwed it to the wall and call it a shop deep sink.  Included are the supply hoses, faucet, and all necessary drain piping.  The faucet pulls out and can be used as a spray wand.  The sink also has a lower shelf and a little bar for hanging cloth.  Not too shabby for 99 bucks.

New four-bulb light fixture (with 7 Watt LED bulbs).  It's a little foofy, but it puts out lots of light for very little wattage.  New sink, and a clean toilet with new internal parts.  Best of all, the plumbing now won't freeze and damage the shop.

UPDATE:  I added a medicine cabinet for first-aid and soap storage, as well as a hands-free liquid soap dispenser.

I would have preferred to install a sink like the one below, but the basin alone is well over $400.

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