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Friday, November 08, 2013

The Northern Garage

A family member recently moved nearby, and I promised that we would insulate and drywall the garage for them, if they would pay for the materials.  The garage was quite cold and drafty, as the eaves are vented into the attic space on three of the walls.

I bought and installed a new garage door opener as a gift.  I also purchased (but have not yet installed) a couple of fluorescent fixtures to replace the bare 100W bulbs.

Having now completed the work, I can state with authority that I would rather be unemployed and hungry than be a drywall installer.

Below are two pictures taken of the garage before we started the work.

Below are pictures I took of our handiwork afterwards.  Fortunately it was "just a garage", so the finished look wasn't too much of an issue.

I added an access hatch to the garage attic, although I wasn't sure that it was necessary.

 The garage door opener is a belt-drive type.  It is unbelievably quiet!

 Below is a video comparing chain and belt drives.  I think I will be installing these in my own garage pretty soon :)

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