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Saturday, March 09, 2013

Pantry and Linen Closet upgrades

Several months ago, we decided that the kitchen pantry and the upstairs linen closets needed to be improved.  Both had shelving that only came partway to the front of the closet, so we were losing about a foot of shelving on each of the 4 shelves. 

Furthermore, because we have 9 foot ceilings in these closets, there was room for an additional partial shelf above the others. 

I had cut shelving to fit into these spaces quite a while back, and the wife had begun to paint them with primer, but she ran out of primer, and other (way larger) projects got started.  The shelves sat half-primered in the furnace room as we carpeted, framed and drywalled the basement.

This past week though, I finally put the half-finished shelves on saw-horses in the garage and set the garage heater on high, to get everything up to painting temperature.  Over two days, I painted the interior of the linen closet and pantry, completed priming and painting the shelves, and installed new footer boards for the top shelf in each closet.  The shelves fit in nicely with no further cutting, and are screwed down to the footer boards.

Each closet turned out pretty well, and I figure with the additional front-to-back area and extra shelf, it works out to gaining about extra 2 shelves per closet.   A good thing, because right now this house is very low on installed cabinetry.

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