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Saturday, March 02, 2013


Carpentry is probably not a word I would use to describe my efforts with wood.  My work is rough and imperfect.  I give myself passing grades though.  I'm not too much worse than people who do this for a living.

The basement has a bay-window shaped nook that sits directly below the breakfast nook.  When we had the big room in the basement drywalled, this nook became a storage area.  However it was a storage area without any shelves.  After doing the master closet rebuild I felt pretty competent to install shelving in this room. 

The job was far more complex than the master closet though.  This was mainly due to the angles involved and the need to cut several shelves to line up correctly to the wall, and also to each other.  I lucked out, and managed to get all six shelving pieces fit in correctly the first time.  Here are some pictures of the finished project.  There were no right angle cuts on these shelves!

Looking in:
 Bottom shelf, made from three pieces.

Looking up at the support brackets.

Not a carpenter, but not a complete loss either!

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