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Sunday, April 30, 2006



I found this article on the web today, and after reading it, decided that it was interesting and important enough to mention on this blog. It's an insightful viewpoint from a newspaper editor, on the decline of daily print media.

My initial reaction was: "So what? They are dinosaurs who can't even get their facts right when the local grocery store is robbed". But my viewpoint softened quite a bit as I read and recognized how historically newspapers have functioned to uncover news... and how that function has been undermined by bean-counters in an effort to maximize profits.

*Just like everything else these days!!!!*

Which brought about this generic insight: Are bean-counters ruining our way of life? He mentions doctors and patients in the speech. Is it better to see your harried HMO/PPO physician (who doesn't even know your name) for handful of minutes and have a $10 copay? Or is it better to spend $100 and get some quality?

Once upon a time you bought things that lasted forever. They might go out of style, but they would work and last forever. At some point everything got cheap and shoddy. Even luxury stuff nowdays isn't *durable*, it's just expensive and flashy. Are the MBAs who run the show nowadays taking the soul out of us?

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