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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Another day of it!

I fueled up the bike this morning. Pushed the wrong friggin button and selected premium. Crap like that happens when you're running behind at 4:45 in the morning. Man! Who would have thought it would cost almost fifteen bucks to fuel up a friggin motorbike??? Yeah right the Fed's got inflation under control! LOFL. In another 10 years it'll take $150 to fill that bike up.

Another busy day at work. The plant is still shut down for the weekend. A logic and controls guy came up from corporate HQ to try to figure out why our fuel gas heating controls were so whacked out. In order for him to do that we had to fill the boilers and run the pumps that push water through them.

Fortunately the problem is ongoing, so he was able to observe it firsthand. He thinks it's blockage in the system, and I tend to agree. Night shift might take the valve apart if they have time tonight. They have to commence start up at 2:45 AM, with the auxiliary systems in service even earlier, so they probably don't want to get things too torn apart.

We re-connected the lube oil pumps, and got the phase rotation right on all four - not to mention that there were no electrical faults when we energized them. Spent the rest of the day doing pre-start checks and cleaning up trash the contractors left. Got home filthy, hot and sweaty - but it was 12 hours of honest effort, so that was cool.

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