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Sunday, April 30, 2006

A Harley rider

One of my regular crew members was on vacation yesterday and a guy from another crew covered for him - a call-out. He arrived later than we did.

We had all ridden our motorbikes in - the weather's been lovely and gas is over $3.20 gal right now. At the end of the day we decided to ride home as a group and stop for a (one) beer. The guy who isn't normally on our crew has a new Harley-Davidson Road King. Anyway, he hasn't ridden with us before...

On the twisty road down the hill, he was hanging way back. Then on the straight farm roads leading to town he was hanging way back. Then when we got into town and were going through traffic he took the lead.

When we were sipping our beer, I ribbed him a little, asking if he didn't want to be seen riding with a couple of guys on Japanese bikes :) He said no, he was scraping his footpegs on the twisty part of the ride and so he backed off.... well, that made sense. No point getting in a wreck, especially since he wasn't wearing leathers. So I asked him why he hung back on the straight farm roads. He said he just felt like cruising, rather than riding fast... OK, different strokes. I forgot to ask him why he wanted to be out front when we rode through town though!

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