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Monday, April 25, 2016

Snow Skiing

Back in the day I was a pretty avid snow skier.  I would purchase season passes and then try to see how many times I could hit the slopes with that investment.  It was pretty easy back then.  After the cost of equipment and the pass, all you had to have was $2.00 bus fare to the slopes and $3-4 food money.  It would buy you a bowl of chile and a hot chocolate from the vending machine.

I didn't night ski very much.  It's god-awful cold at night, and the harsh shadows cast onto the moguls by the slope lighting don't lend themselves well to depth perception.  I found skiing down groomed slopes and through powder incredibly boring - I preferred to blast through moguls or find some jumps to fly off.  But the slope lighting really didn't favor that kind of quick-twitch technical skiing.

I currently have only one picture of myself on skis... night skiing.  An old high school friend just sent this to me...  Pretty sure I was on an upper groomed slope, on the way down to where the moguls were.  He does take a nice evening shot, yes?

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