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Saturday, April 09, 2016

KH 500 engine update...

I had the spare set of cylinders for the KH500 bead-blasted, and shipped them off for repairs.  They needed an overbore to remove the gouges.  Turns out the center cylinder was damaged beyond repair.

The gentleman performing the work let me know, and offered to find a replacement and bore it out.  I agreed that he could locate and purchase a new cylinder.  The new cylinder showed up to his shop recently.  He is also getting replacement pistons for the new size cylinder holes.

These are Wossner pistons.  They are forged rather than cast (for greater strength) and have a molybdenum coating on the lower skirt to reduce friction.  I just hope I get the motor together better than I did last time :)

Hopefully things are coming along with the machine work, and I can move on with putting the motorcycle back together soon.  A set of engine gaskets and some new tires are all that I need at this point.  Getting fired up here!

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