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Sunday, February 15, 2015

15th and 16th vehicles - Other Kawasaki Triples

My 15th and 16th vehicles were bought on a whim.  They weren't very expensive, never got registered, and one of them was pretty much a basket case.

I bought a 1974 Kawasaki 750 H2 Triple from a guy in Lone Pine.  It didn't run well and it had been modified.  When I bought it, it had a Tracy body in place of the original gas tank, seat, and tailpiece.  It never ran well although I certainly tried to get it tuned.  Removing the original hardware had destroyed most of the value of the bike, and the replacement fiberglass body wasn't in great shape either.  Installing a Tracy body requires cutting off part of the frame just behind the seat, so you can never go back to stock parts afterwards.  I simply wanted a fast machine, but it never delivered that either.

Below: A Tracy body on a Kawasaki Triple:

Below:  How a clean 750 H2 Triple should look:

The other bike I bought was a 500cc H1 Triple that was just a rolling basket case.  The owner had been making a drag bike from it (Triples make awesome drag race motorcycles).  The previous owner had increased the front fork angle quite a bit, started hot-rodding the engine, and bought a lot of spare parts.  I got the entire pile for $300.  I was mostly interested in the engine and all the spare parts, but had to take the entire motorcycle to get them.  The paint and plastic on the drag bike was ruined from long years in the desert sun.

I put the cylinders and pistons from the drag bike onto my KH 500, and so now I have a fire-breathing engine on my well cared-for bike.

Eventually I sold the first machine and recycled the second one when I had to downsize from a four-car garage to a two-car garage.  About that same time I had to get rid of the Corvette for the same reason.

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