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Monday, January 06, 2014

Submarine Accidents - an overview

Below: The Russian Submarine Kursk, K-141

I want to start a series of posts on submarine accidents (and incidents) in the modern era.  This will for the most part be about Cold War and post-Cold War incidents and sinkings. 

I don't want to re-hash World War II submarine combat events for a couple of reasons:  1) There were too many of them to cover, and 2) They are already made famous by being told about in movies and books.  The events I am interested in have been either actively concealed or forgotten, rather than being trumpeted and made into movies.

I want to do some detailed posts about the following submarine sinkings:
The sinking and loss of all hands of the USS Thresher
The sinking and loss of all hands of the USS Scorpion
The reactor accident and scuttling of the K-27
The reactor accicent on K-431
Fire and sinking of the K-8
Explosion and sinking of the K-219
Fire and sinking of K-278 Komsomelets
The sinking and loss of all hands of K-141 Kursk

Addtitionally I want to do some posts on a few spooky submarine incidents.
The USS Gudgeon being depth-charged and forced to surface by the Soviet Navy
USS Tautog and K-108 collision
USS Baltimore witnessing a Soviet undersea spy operation end in a drowning.
USS Barbel inadvertanly ramming and sinking North Vietnam's largest freighter.
Grounding of the S-363  (aka U-137) in Sweden.
The B-59 Submarine incident during the Cuban Missile Crisis

I won't bother with the K-19 Widowmaker reactor accident, since there is already a movie about it.

There have also been a large number of collisions with friendly vessels and submerged objects.  Also there are many documented fires and flooding events that are available to post about.  A rich subject!

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