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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Still exercising!

Yep, I am still exercising.

And still brewing beer.

I've decided there isn't a lot of synergy with these two hobbies.  That is to say, one doesn't really add to the strength of the other. 

My other hobby is riding motorcycles, and there isn't much synergy there either.  I do fit into my leather jacket a lot better this year however :)

Speaking of which, I rode the bike for the first time this season today.  Commuted to work on it - boring!!! (no twisties to wind through).   It didn't want to crank either.  Guess that cool lithium ion battery wasn't quite the bomb I thought it was.  It is light though.  Just feels like an empty plastic battery case.

Anyhoo...  I needed to get a post up!  Here's a gratuitous bike pic :)

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