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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

That took a LONG time...

Yesterday our handyman finally completed the drywall project he started about a month ago.  The wife is a very tired of having to hang around the house while he was working, and I just wanted to be able to use the room again.

It's a weight-lifting and storage room, so all that stuff had to be moved out of there while he was working on it.  We had moved it into the downstairs guest bedroom for the duration of the project.  But we have visitors arriving for Thanksgiving who will need to use the guest bedroom.  The guest bed is currently being blocked by stacks of storage boxes.  I will need to move those out of the way tomorrow, so that our guest will have a place to sleep.

The drywalling is done, but there are a few items that still need to be taken care of, like finish carpentry and a couple of touch-ups near electrical outlets.

Also there is some work under the crawlspace that needs to be completed, but that can wait.

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