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Friday, August 24, 2012

The opposite of long change

I'm  currently in the process of working seven straight 12 hour days, some of which are nights!

Before that however, I had 2.5 days off.  After getting off of nights, we took Grace to the Orthodontist to get her fitted for a palate spreader.  Then later on I helped a co-worker move his refrigerator to his new house.

Wednesday we prepped Grace's room for painting and applied the first coat.  Thursday we got the second coat on, removed the painters tape and got her moved back in.  Quite the whirlwind...

At some point, I would like to be settled in and get back to doing my two favorite things:  Drinking beer and playing WoW :)

Here we are going from some ghastly color to a nice light blue color (her pick).   And today I'm back to work with speckles of paint on my eyeglasses :)

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