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Friday, August 17, 2012

Seven off, minus 3

I just completed my seven days off.  Unfortunately I wasn't able to accomplish a lot in that time.  The week off runs from Friday morning to the following Friday evening.  I lost 3 of them because I had to work two nights, which ruined the following day.

We had visitors from Hermiston my first day off.  It was great to see them again.  I hope they come back soon and bring their kids, whom Grace is good friends with!

Before our friends arrived on Friday the electrician came back to add a light in the garage.  There was a little area off to one side that needed some light, and so we got that installed.  I only noticed the darkness when I finally got around to hanging all the brooms and mops on hooks, and realized I could barely see them without having the door open.
Also I had a HVAC guy come out to give me an estimate on a LPG shop heater, one which would hang from the ceiling and blow hot air down, yet have the exhaust vented outside.  He said $2900.  Not including the propane line and tank.  Ouch.  This is what I had in mind:

But I think it will have to wait, because it's certainly not a critical item.

We have a lot of deer in the area.  I have been feeding them corn and recently started putting out water, since we haven't had rain in a month.  They are always hungry and thirsty...  Monday morning, a mama deer and her fawn wandered into the back yard.  They ate, and then the fawn laid down in the grass.  I suppose it was cooling off, since the grass was still damp from being watered.  It had more spots than a leopard, and was about the size of a labrador retriever.

The next three days (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday) I got sorta busy with making the house more live-able.  Now that we finally have the basement carpet in, I bought a TV for downstairs, and hooked up Grace's Wii.  And we had some lawn chairs, but no furniture for this room. It's kinda odd, like furnishing three houses.  It looked pretty friggen pathetic, with a cheap folding table and lawn chairs.

So we got some recliners, book shelves, an entertainment center, and a Blu-Ray player!  Rock on!

We still have A LOT of pictures and drapes to hang, books to fill those bookshelves, and crap to put up on the plant shelves.  But at least now we are finally getting there.

We had the most stunning sunset one day this week.  I suppose it's due to the wildfires in the Okanagan and at Cle Elum.  Hopefully we don't have any here.
Yesterday I put together a heavy-duty shelf for the garage.  We've been walking around piles of junk on the floor since we moved in.  Since we have been unloading boxes, we finally had some wall space free in the garage, so I put up this shelf.

I liked it so much (and we have so much crap to store) that I bought 3 more shelves.  They are not yet assembled, as we need to unpack more boxes.

And today, I got up a little early and installed more drapes for the dining room and Grace's bedroom.  Then we finally located the hardware to install the mirror on the guest bedroom dresser, so I took care of that.  Not sure why the photo has a streak across it.  It's not in the room :)
Hopefully, Corie will spend the next couple of days unpacking the book boxes that I brought in from the garage and getting some of the pictures hung.  Then we can bust out the antiques and for the first time in two years, it will start feeling like we live in OUR home.

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