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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Stuff happens...

Below: Another puff. Note the rounded appearance of the boiler side facing the camera and the insulation scattered on the ground (click on any photo to enlarge)

Below: Same event, opposite side of the boiler. This damage was caused by the movement of structural steel. In the center of the photo is a vertical support for the boiler. There is a gap under the vertical I-beam, because it moved to the right about 4 ft. The displacement of the steel pulled electrical conduit apart and moved the gray control panel askew. An insulated steam drain line lies on the ground, on top of the steel pad where the I-beam once rested. Between the I-beam and the control panel is a diagonal piece with a fringe of insulation exposed. This is the steel panel that blew out during the explosion.

Below: Damage to large steel supporting member. Deformation of the stairway caused by movement of the boiler is very evident in this side view.

Below: Close up of damage to a stairway platform, and ruptured seam on the boiler casing.

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