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Wednesday, October 28, 2015


We were blessed to be able to see a couple of really good shows recently.  First we went to the Ringling Brothers Circus, something we have done every year since 2004.  For just the second time we got to meet the Ringmaster.  This year it is Andre McClain.

A pre-show picture I took from the entryway to the arena.

Recently we went to the Riverdance 20 year tour.  They requested that the audience take no photo or video of the performance.  Being a semi-solid citizen, I respected their wishes.  In lieu of that, here's a Youtube video of a show from 2002.  It hasn't changed, except for the cast.  The music is as awesome as the dancing.  It's difficult to get the music out of my head after seeing the show.

Next up will be the Moscow Ballet performing the Nutcracker.  We are trying to start exposing our daughter to a little culture, and really it's a wonderful performance to see first-hand.  The only other time I saw this ballet was in the 1980's when the Joffrey performed it.

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