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Friday, January 23, 2015

More music videos. An eclectic mix...

A few more music vids.  Very Guitar Centric.

I will be going to see these guys pretty soon!  The Reverend Horton Heat:

Horton Heat Rocks! Music starts at 0:55

A cool old San Jose Band I discovered in high school.  Classic stuff with the wah pedal.

Joe Bonamassa:

A couple of videos from Nutty Jazz.  These guys are pretty cool.

Three classic songs from the Robin Trower band.  Trower's Bassist/Vocalist James Dewar (1942-2002) had a magnificent bluesy voice.  Totally made the sound of this trio.  Very reminiscent of Paul Rogers from Bad Company.

Not keen on the lyrics of this song, but the guitarist is masterful!

A nice bluesy intro and some great power chords.

Like the dual guitars - like southern rock, but metal.  Awesome vocals.

And of course the magnificent David Gilmour playing the strat.

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