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Monday, December 29, 2014

Must-have web browser addons, extensions, and what-have you

Like many people, I use the Intel/Windows arrangement, and use either Firefox or Chrome for a browser.  Of the many available extensions (or addons) that are available online, I have found a few that are really helpful, and I highly recommend them.  You can thank me later...

Adblock Plus:  This does what it says.  Blocks many ads from appearing on the pages you browse.

Ghostery:  This blocks cookies.  Install this, and it will show how many cookies it blocks on every web page.  You would be shocked how many people are tracking your every page view.  It's easy to allow a cookie if a site requires it for security reasons (logins, etc)

Adblock for Youtube:  Tired of seeing a commercial every time you just want to watch a youtube vid?  Try this one out!!!  

Script Block or NoScript:  These prevent Javascript attacks (which are easy and common) on your computer.  They also keep those annoying animated pop-up ads from coming up on your webpage.  If you need a javascript to run (perhaps for an animated weather map), you can temporarily or permanently allow java if you trust the website.  If you do use Java, keep it up to date!!!  If you have installed Ghostery and/or script blockers, the above link will need permissions to check your Java version.

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