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Friday, October 18, 2013


Taking a brief hiatus from nuclear stuff...

I had a couple of days off, and decided to make some hard cider.  I thought it would be fun to try, so I will be giving it a shot.

The ingredients are:
5 gallons apple juice from concentrate (I am too cheap to buy 5 gallons of actual apple cider)
4 small cartons of Aspen Cider Spice.  This stuff is awesome; its loaded with sugar, cinammon and orange, that should ferment and add some needed flavors.
4 additional cups of white sugar
1 tsp of baking yeast, dissolved in tap water to activate it.

This *should* be ready around Thanksgiving.  Not having done an apple-juice based fermentation before, I am not certain how long it will take, nor how it will turn out.  I am looking forward to finding out though!

If it doesn't end up going down the drain, I think it will be called "Mark's Hard Cider" :)
UPDATE:  Interestingly, when you ferment apple juice, no krausen is produced.  Krausen is that foamy substance that floats up out of fermenting beer.  Below is a photo fermenting beer on day 2.  Note the foamy krausen floating on top.
Below are a couple of photos of fermenting cider on day 2.  No thick krausen, just bubbles. 


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