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Saturday, February 02, 2013

Two days in the master closet...

No, I am not in trouble with the wife.  In fact I may have scored a few points!

When we left California, we loaded up our 5th wheel trailer pretty much to the roof, and used it as a moving van.  Most of the stuff in there wasn't everyday stuff, and a lot of it was clothing that we could no longer fit into.

We dug through the 5th wheel to try and locate some drapes that I wanted to put up in the office.  We never did find the drapes... However we realized that a lot of the clothes in the RV now fit again, because  we have each lost about 35 lbs since going low-carb back in October.

Which brings me to the master closet.  It's a room about 12ft x 8ft, with a 9ft ceiling.  Each side had a single pole for hanging clothes, and a shelf with about 3ft of wasted space above it.  We decided to reorganize the closet because there was room for two poles per side.  It would also allow us to empty the clothes out the RV, and maybe use both the clothes and the RV for the first time since leaving California.

Here is my side of the closet.  The white line is the elevation of the footer board that supported the original shelf and clothes rack.  Since the footer board was caulked to the drywall, I pulled a fair amount of drywall off when I tore it loose.

Here is my side of the closet with the lower shelf and pole installed.  My wife spackled a few holes in the wall as well.

Here is my side of the closet, completed, and loaded with clothes from both sides of the closet. At this point we were preparing to demo the other side.

Before photo: My wife's side, looking toward the door. This side was slightly more complicated because we needed to split it out, leaving one tall section for longer clothing like dresses.

Before photo: My wife's side again, this time looking through the door into the closet.

After Photo: My wife's side looking toward the door.

After photo: My wife's side looking through the door.

I am very happy with how it all turned out. We doubled the clothes hanging area of the master closet for about $100. Most of the cost was particle board and hangers, and I had the guy at Home Depot make 90% of the cuts. That saved me a ton of trips across snow out to the shop where my table saw is located.  The handful of cuts I had to make, I did with a small Skil Saw.

We still need to texture the walls and then paint. If you look closely in the last photo, you can see the red can of spray texture on the lower shelf. Next time I am off shift, we will be finished with that project!

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