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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Some cool movies I've watched recently

Mostly Black Comedies. In no particular order:

Four Rooms - an absolute howler. Quentin Tarantino wrote portions and stars in it.
Pulp Fiction - nothing I can say about it that hasn't been said already
Trainspotting - different... very different. And it's wierd seeing Ewan MacGregor (The young Obi-Wan Jedi) playing the role of a debased heroin addict.
Fight Club - Awesome!!! Totally cool. I like the single frame subliminal stuff they stuck in there. Highly under-rated.
The Machinist - Awesome again.
Memento - Didn't care for it much. Very difficult to follow.
The Game - Another outstanding flick. Screws with your mind delightfully.
Grosse Point Blank - Funny, but too sappy.
Fargo - Too funny.
High Fidelity - I like John Cusack, but it just wasn't funny enough.
Reservoir Dogs - Grim, but cool.
Snatch - Awesomely funny. Guy Ritchie kicked butt on this film.
Lock stock and two smoking barrels - Funny, but not as good as snatch. Same director.
Very Bad Things - I loved this one! (and felt guilty for enjoying a grisly movie so much)
Panic Room - A bit predictable. I liked Dwight Yoakam as a villain though.
Bad Santa - ... a tough one to laugh at, but it has its moments :)
Pushing tin - same as above.


fish said...


I can't be the only one will look like I'm a ....cough,cough.......stalker!

Anyway let me add a couple of suggestions for movie night.

1) The Commitments: good story and pretty good music...based on the novel by Roddy Doyle.

2) The first season DVD set of Sponge Bob Square Pants. Consider it a guilty pleasure...I highly recommend "Fun" where Plankton makes his musical debut.

3) Gold Rush 21: by Bill Murphy's crew at GATA (Gold Anti Trust Action committee)...simultaneously frightening and encouraging......and given the behavior of the dollar recently certainly worth a look!

(P.S. I can send you a copy of Gold Rush 21 if you don't want to spring for one. Just let me know where you want it sent.)



Idaho_Spud said...

Yo fish,

Glad to have you aboard. At some point I'm hoping to get my own troll! (kidding)

Thanks for the movie tips. I'm always open to new stuff! I'll see if I can pick these up at Blockbuster. The book you mentioned unfortunately wasn't at B&N. Guess I'll go ahead and do the Amazon thing to get it.

Thanks too bro, for the generous offer to send me GR 21. I'll see if I can locate a copy first, and let you know